Initial Consultation - No cost, confidential consultation to discuss all aspects of a potential sale. Evaluation to ensure enough to warrant a sale. If there are not enough items (or value) to hold a successful sale, we will be honest and provide alternative solutions. Premier Estate Sales LLC is fully insured and a certificate of insurance will be provided prior to staging.

Staging and Display - All equipment and personnel necessary to display/organize all items. Also ensuring ease of traffic and safety throughout the home. Any private areas will be cautioned off during the sale.

Property Research, Pricing and Appraisal - All items are priced according to current fair market value. Reseach ensures the best possible prices for your treasures. Our team of professionals are well versed in multiple areas of valuation. If needed, an expert will be brought in at no cost to you!

Marketing and Advertising - Sales are advertised not only on our website but estate sale directories, social media marketing, internet marketplace and street signage.

Staffing and Sale Execution - We ensure the home is staffed (including “secret shoppers”) to conduct your sale in the most secure manner.  Our staff are friendly, professional and energetic individuals who will maintain organization of the home while gently encouraging sales.  Credit card purchases are accepted while all merchant fees are absorbed by Premier Estate Sales LLC. 

After the Sale - Upon completion of the sale, monies are paid out immediately. We will then work with you to determine the next course of action for items not sold. We feel it is a conflict of interest to also perform the clean-out. That being said, a list of contacts  will be provided along with our recommendation.  An itemization will be provided within a couple of days following completion of the sale.